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Building machine learning models is hard and it can take a lot of trial and error to get them trained, deployed and prove that they are robust. All while providing a strong return on investment.

We have built up years of expertise and experience in AI, working alongside researchers, data scientists and clinicians on a wide range of AI and ML projects that use imaging data.

Image Annotation and Data Curation

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Maximise the value of your data and images with simple, visual data prep and annotation tools. Connect to and combine multiple data and image sources no matter what the format. Manage annotation workloads, performance and improve your training data.

Machine Learning and MLOps

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Streamline and augment your data science workflow and MLOps pipelines within a single managed ecosystem. Queryless exploratory data analysis, automated clustering, and dynamic visualisation to facilitate insights and accelerating decision making.

AI Consultancy Services

Innovation and partnership

Imaging and AI consultancy services to get you from initial idea to product faster and more accurately. Deep experience across multiple industries, including healthcare, life sciences, agriculture, automotive and more. A trusted partner to help bring your ideas to reality

What our clients have to say

“The Zegami machine learning tool sets and personnel distinguish the company from other providers. They have the exact mix of knowledge and creativity on their team that we need. Their software and expertise have accelerated helping us achieve our goals.”

“Using Zegami has delivered significant cost savings to APPF . Because of the nature of the experiments, problems with the apparatus can render several days’ of results unusable. With Zegami, a variety of subtle problems can be quickly identified and timely interventions made to correct them.”

“Without Zegami I wouldn’t be able to feasibly accomplish my project in a reasonable amount of time. It just allows me to go through large amount of information in batches rather than individually and it is a complete game changer.”

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