Thought you gained all insights from your data? We don’t think so!

Zegami’s visual search and analysis platform will show you things you didn’t even know were there.

In today’s world of information overload, the consumption of data is confined to lists, reports, charts and recommendations presenting us with limited insights. This hinders our ability to ask questions of our data and make truly informed decisions.

Informed Player Insights

What is Zegami

We believe there is a better way of consuming data. We present your information differently, enabling you to make better decisions.

Zegami is a Visual Data Exploration platform that enables you to explore data visually, allowing you to quickly recognize patterns, analyze information, find hidden insights and make new discoveries.

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How Zegami works

Zegami uses images to harness the power of human intuition. This easy to use tool makes the exploration and analysis of large data sets meaningful for everyone.

Creating your first Zegami collection

What is Zegami?

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City of Prospect

Pittsburgh Pirates

Zegami gives team scouts an easy and intuitive way to analyse and compare players



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  • UCD
  • OSHU
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  • CSA
  • Bodleian
  • University of Oxford
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