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What is Zegami?

Zegami combines advanced analysis tools with a unique visualisation interface and allows you to rapidly categorise, label and clean large image datasets, invaluable for many applications including training machine learning models.

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Enabling world-leading researchers to tackle the global challenges of the 21st century.
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Enabling better business decisions and driving data maturity in every sector.

Our Clients

Demo Collection

The collection explores image similarity comparison of oesophageal cancer video frames to find cancer lesions to train the ML model

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Demo Collection

This collection shows an example of using unsupervised machine learning to predict heart disease using images derived from echocardiogram data

Demo Introduction

Demo Collection

The data shows various developmental stages of Xenopus Laevis, which is model organism used to understand gene expression. The aim

Demo Introduction

Demo Collection

Red Bull social media images collection built forĀ theirĀ Instagram account. We have run some machine learning models to cluster the images

Demo Introduction

Why Zegami?

Zegami is unique because it easily works with both structured & unstructured data, from multiple sources: from images to documents and APIs to video. Based on Oxford University research, Zegami is being used by academics and commercial leaders across the world:
Researchers, scientists and engineers: The Plant Accelerator project at the University of Adelaide solves food supply issues in large automated greenhouses in Europe, Asutralia and the US, by giving researchers the ability to view thousands of images all at once on a screen, enabling them to spot patterns or anomalies in physiological and chemical traits.

Data scientists training machine learning models: Cancer Research UK funded project, developing a cancer detection system which identifies cancerous lesions in real-time by highlighting them on the video as the patient is being examined.
Business intelligence and management in commercial businesses: Siemens and numerous other firms use Zegami to manage their manufacturing documentation. HR companies including InnovaSystems and SDWorx now have Zegami fully integrated into their candidate management systems.

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High throughput image analysis

Explore large image datasets and video to unlock powerful insights from previously unutilised data sources. Drive innovation for scientific research and medical imaging.

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Machine Learning Data Curation

Streamlined image annotation for AI

Deliver more accurate and robust machine learning models faster. Automate your data analysis with machine learning models specifically targeted to meet your needs.

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The Zeg

Visualise insights with business data

Cleverly use all the data in your business to maximise engagement of your workforce, visualise huge document libraries, prioritise projects and improve scheduling.

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Latest News

Colour By Column in Zegami

Our new Colour by Column feature is a powerful new dimension to visual data exploration in Zegami, enabling richer views, which reveal more of the underlying patterns in your data.

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Cardiovascular disease targeted in new partnership between Oxford University Imaging Lab and Zegami

Zegami has been appointed by Oxford University researchers at the Oxford Cardiovascular Clinical Research Facility to accelerate research into cardiovascular disease.

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