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What is Zegami?

Zegami data visualisation tool transforms data into actionable insight, using both structured and unstructured data, AI and human pattern recognition.

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Enabling better business decisions and driving data maturity in every sector.
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Enabling world-leading researchers to tackle the global challenges of the 21st century.

Our Clients

Demo Collection

A dashboard-based software tool that allows HR professionals to conduct “people analytics”.

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Demo Collection

Trump Tweets Collection- explore over 40,000 Trump’s Tweets over the last 10 years. Analyse Trump’s Twitter data and spot trends

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Demo Collection

The data shows various developmental stages of Xenopus Laevis, which is model organism used to understand gene expression. The aim

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Demo Collection

This collection shows an example of using unsupervised machine learning to predict heart disease using images derived from echocardiogram data

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Why Zegami?

Zegami is unique because it easily works with both structured & unstructured data, from multiple sources: from images to documents and APIs to video. Based on Oxford University research, Zegami technology is helping organisations in many sectors realise the potential of their data, including: HR, research, and manufacturing.

Our platform is used by researchers at Oxford University and other institutions to display and catalogue their complex datasets. HR companies including InnovaSystems and SDWorx now have Zegami fully integrated into their candidate management systems, allowing them to generate leads and match candidates at pace with simplicity. Siemens and numerous other tech firms are using Zegami to manage their manufacturing documentation, with Siemens using the platform to manage its gas turbine manufacturing process.

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Data Visualisation Made Easy

Easily create powerful infographics and discover business insights from multiple data sources. Insights from data is no longer the domain of only data scientists.

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Accelerate Your AI

Deliver more accurate and robust Machine Learning models faster. Automate your data analysis with Machine learning models specifically targeted to meet your needs.

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Unlock Business Value

Cleverly use all the data in your business to maximise engagement of your workforce, visualise huge document libraries, prioritise projects and improve scheduling.

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Latest News

Oxford’s MRC Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicines Partners with Data Visualization Firm on Machine Learning

Zegami has been collaborating with MRC Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicines to help clean its data and assist with the training of its machine learning models, specifically around developing a better understanding of which proteins in genes bind, and where they do this in the genome.

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Visualisation engine is making big data analysis a whole lot easier

TechTribe Oxford talks to co-founder and chief technology officer Roger Noble about Zegami’s recent growth, scale-up plans and Twitter activity during the UK general election.

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We’d love to understand the nature of your business or application, what data you have (both structured and unstructured), and help you visualise what’s possible with it.