Thought you gained all insights from your data? We don’t think so!

Zegami’s visual search and analysis platform will show you things you didn’t even know were there.

Informed Player Insights

What is Zegami

Zegami is a unique visual search and analytics platform. It allows users to explore, search, sort, filter, group and analyse large collections of images and data in a simple and intuitive way.

Backed by innovative Oxford University thinking, Zegami combines the power of machine learning with human cognitive abilities. This ensures that people are immersed in the information allowing them to recognise patterns, find hidden insights and make new discoveries.

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How Zegami works

By attaching images to data, Zegami allows you to take advantage of your brains pattern recognition capabilities.

Using our revolutionary interface, thousands of data points can be seen and understood at a glance. This allows you to find what you’re looking for in a fraction of the time, and helps to make new discoveries that were previously unreachable.

Creating your first Zegami collection

Zegami Premier League demo

Zegami helps medical researchers analyse their Microscopy data

Giving Facility Managers a single point of truth

Featured Clients

City of Prospect

Pittsburgh Pirates

Zegami gives team scouts an easy and intuitive way to analyse and compare players



Featured Applications

There is no limit to the possible applications of Zegami. Here are some of the industries where our customers are saving time, money and gaining fresh insight:

General Applications

General Applications

Some ways that people use Zegami
Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics

Providing informed player insights.
Analytics for Research and Development

Research & Development – Microscopy

Offering new ways to discover the unknown.
Analytics for Human Resources


Easy understanding of your workforce.
Image data management for plant sciences

Plant Sciences

Gaining fresh insights and perspectives.
Analytics for Museums

Museums & Libraries

Giving curators the toolset they need.
  • Westminster School
  • UOS
  • UOE
  • Purdie
  • UCD
  • OSHU
  • Oconnors
  • MRC
  • CSA
  • Bodleian
  • University of Oxford
  • Appf
  • Julich
  • Aberystwyth

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