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Zegami – the imaging AI consultancy service

Deliver explainable imaging AI faster and more accurately with Zegami. Our end-to-end consultancy service enables researchers, data scientists and medical practitioners to deliver explainable imaging AI with greater precision and efficiency.

Our team and tools become your data science plug-in, to ​create, enhance and validate machine learning models in healthcare, life sciences and manufacturing, to drive your business or project forward.​

We work with the fundamental principles of explainable AI:

  • Transparency – allows us to explain and communicate whether models have been thoroughly tested for a sufficient and fair subject distribution and/or demographic
  • Interpretability – enables us to comprehend the ML model and present the basis for decision-making in a way that we, as humans, can understand
  • Explainability – means we can understand the factors that influenced the ML model’s decision and how the output was achieved

These core principles produce ML models that can be explained, refined, challenged or altered by humans.

Introducing our Tools

Our team of data scientists and analysts use our world-leading innovative tools to develop client solutions:

  • Zegami Machine Learning Suite enables users to manage large volumes of image data, and view tens of thousands of images at one time. Our unique approach to image analysis quickly identifies patterns, outliers and trends to optimise training data
  • Zegami Image Annotator is designed to solve this problem: a visual, intuitive and fast way to curate training data sets, create segmentation masks and then integrate into your existing machine learning workflow.

Why use Zegami?

Developing highly accurate, robust and unbiased AI is essential for the broad adoption of AI in the worlds of science, business and medicine. Zegami’s leading-edge imaging software makes it possible to extract meaningful insights from big data and use those insights to inform and improve solutions.

With access to Zegami’s proprietary tools and expert team, you develop machine learning solutions that:

  • Are validated in clinical, research and industrial settings
  • Use machine learning to constantly update and improve upon training models
  • Manage AI bias, performance and surveillance over time
  • Maintain quality assurance through professional monitoring and validation
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance and certification requirements

Using our cutting-edge technology we have developed applications in the worlds of scientific research, engineering, healthcare and commercial data integration.

Our partnerships include:

Advancing machine learning initiatives
Commercial partners such as Ebbon Intelligence successfully work with the Zegami platform to create value out of owned datasets, developing new products and opening up new commercial opportunities.

University of Adelaide plant accelerator project
Zegami solves food supply issues in large automated greenhouses in Europe, Australia and the US. Researchers are able to view thousands of images simultaneously and identify patterns and anomalies in physiological and chemical traits.

Data scientists training machine learning models
Cancer Research UK worked with Zegami to develop a real-time cancer detection system that identifies cancerous lesions whilst a patient is being examined.

Latest demo collections

DICOM Mammograms

This mammogram dataset consists of 3486 DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) images. It contains normal, benign, and malignant cases with verified pathology information.

Demo Introduction
Scan of a muscle

The Muscle Atlas

The Muscle Atlas created for the Institure of Myology, Sorbonne University, contains over a thousand of muscle biopsy images from people of different ages as well as animals.

Demo Introduction


COVID-19 lung X-ray insights. Cutting edge AI and visualisation technology can speed up efforts by researchers to develop new tools for diagnosis.

Demo Introduction

Cancer Diagnosis

Oesophageal cancer video frames to find cancer lesions to train the machine learning model.

Demo Introduction

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Our Clients

“Using Zegami has delivered significant cost savings to APPF . Because of the nature of the experiments, problems with the apparatus can render several days’ of results unusable. With Zegami, a variety of subtle problems can be quickly identified and timely interventions made to correct them.”

APPF Australian Phenomics Facility

George Sainsbury

Data Architect and Software Engineer

“Without zegami I wouldn’t be able to feasibly accomplish my project in a reasonable amount of time. It just allows me to go through large amount of information in batches rather than individually and it is a complete game changer.”


Lance Hentges


Our Partners

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