Information is more than just interpreting numbers and words. Why not include images?

Everyday we generate billions of images each containing unique information. Zegami is a powerful solution that presents image rich data in a way that makes it easily accessible to everyone.

Zegami provides users the ability to explore data collections of images in order to search, sort, filter and group information like no other solution available today.

Zegami, simple in design, powerful in application
Zegami Business Intelligence

Zegami for Business & Commercial Enterprise

See how organisations globally are benefiting from Zegami.

Zegami for Research and Academic

Zegami for Research & Academic Study

Paving the way for new discoveries and insight.

Zegami, helping organisations globally

Zegami helps customers around the world answer the questions they didn’t know they wanted to ask of their image rich data.

Zegami for Plant Phenomics

Plant Phenomics

Zegami is providing new insight and perspectives into ground breaking research.

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Zegami for Human Resources

Human Resources

Zegami provides our customers access to their image rich data in a visually intuitive way.

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Zegami For Museums


Giving Curators the toolset they need to share their collections globally.

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What is Zegami?

What is Zegami

Unleash the power of Zegami and view you documents like never before

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Zegami Full Support

Full Support & Docs

In depth support, FAQ and documentation to help you with your Zegami journey.

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About Zegami

About Zegami

Formed through a collaboration between Oxford University and Coritsu.

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Zegami Blog - Zegami News

Read the Blog

Visit our blog for a fresh look at what’s new in the world of image data analytics.

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