Visual data exploration for everyone, everywhere

With the ability to display tens of thousands of images, documents, video, 3D objects and dashboards in a single field of view, Zegami lets you search, sort, filter and group in real time – simple!

See all of your images

Zegami’s unique interface easily displays tens of thousands of images all at once. Allowing our brain to do what it’s best at – recognising patterns.

Find what you are looking for

Have you ever spent minutes, hours or days looking for that elusive photo? Visually filter and sort your collections to find it fast.

Search for similar images

Have an image that is close to what you need, but not quite right? With similarity search you can filter to show the images that look like one you’ve found.

See where your item is located

Items that have GPS or spatial locations attached can be displayed on a map

Data analysis

From biology to machine learning Zegami can integrate into your analytical workflow to quickly provide insight or spot trends that may have previously been missed.


Use video overlays to shake the dust off your media archives.


With our well defined API and plugin architecture, Zegami easily integrates into your existing systems and infrastructure.

Document management

Can’t find the document you are looking for? Try Zegami for SharePoint

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