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Zegami is a dynamic, intuitive and visual way to explore your images and data, to help you find what you are looking for and so much more.

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Zegami helps you see what you have been missing

Does your organisation get lost in the maze of data that’s generated each and every day also how do you make sense of it, to make meaningful business decisions or just find what you are looking for. Let us show you the magic of Zegami.
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Zegami for Student Management

Giving teachers and staff better access to data is a must within our schools today. So why not give them a simple and intuitive user interface that will enable them to look at their students like never before.
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Zegami for Asset Management

Zegami is more than just an image management system, why not make your asset management system come alive and more easily accessible to your team through the smart use of Zegami.
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Zegami for SharePoint

There are many great sharepoint implementations out there that are all bound by traditional search, unleash the power of your Sharepoint document library’s with Zegami.
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Zegami for Events and Festivals

DO you have an upcoming event of festival that you are organising and want to put the power of visual search in the hands of your customers. Why not use Zegami within your website to help them find the shows they want to attend instead of thumbing through a program guide.
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Zegami for your image/research collections

The application and power of Zegami is limitless, how else do you sort, search, group and filter thousands images without Zegami. Could this one day lead to amazing scientific breakthroughs as we allow people to pose questions of their data like never before. ABSOLUTELY !!!!!
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Zegami is built with you in mind

Zegami has been built with development in mind, understanding that Zegami is a powerfull tool is one thing but building it so it can grow and develop with your organisational and research requirements is another. The team at Zegami have built an amazing plugin architecture that will allow developers to extend and grow the application of the technology not only now but into the future. The Map view is just one example of its amazing applications.
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If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking

R. Buckminister Fuller

Designer, Inventor, Futurist

Data discovery with no limits.

Display images, documents, movies, 3D objects, stacked images.

Administration portal allows for complete control over what is displayed and associated permission structures.
Available on any device (mobile, Tablet, Laptop, PC) in the latest browsers.
Analyse data collections through various graphs such as scatter plots.
Full plugin architecture that will allow for further feature extension (different views, data feeds and functionality.)
New data views are being generated all the time (Map View, Node diagrams)
Group, search, sort and filter data in a unique way.
Fully documented development roadmap outlining future feature enhancements such as image recognition capability.

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