Meet Zegami: The visual search tool


Many organisations, large and small, government, academic or even the local café; are generating large amounts of data at an ever increasing rate. While there are a plethora of tools available to gain meaning from data, very few (if any) use the visual properties of data as a primary form of analysis.

Which is why we created Zegami, a data visualisation tool that allows you to view large collections of images and associated metadata. Zegami has been built based on the latest web standards, for the latest web browsers. Its responsive design means that it works equally well on the desktop as it does on mobile devices.

Zegami was born out of the need to be able to visualise large collections of images produced by high throughput microscopy in within the area of genetic research. However Zegami has many uses outside of just microscopy, some of which include:

  • X-ray and MRI scans
  • Phenomics
  • Security
  • Asset management
  • Document management
  • Shopping

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Zegami is not limited to just images.

Document Management

Can’t find the document you are looking for? Try Zegami for SharePoint


Use video overlays to shake the dust off your media archives.

Data Analysis

From biology to machine learning Zegami can integrate into your analytical workflow to quickly provide insight or spot trends that may have previously been missed.

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