Zegami, Everything PivotViewer Wanted To Be

The History of PivotViewer

In October 2009 Microsoft released an experimental desktop application called Pivot which allowed for the exploration of large collections of images. In 2010 it was showcased to much fanfare by Gary Flake, a Technical Fellow at Microsoft (now the CTO of salesforce.com), who presented it as a novel way for looking at data in a TED talk.

“Gary Flake demos Pivot, a new way to browse and arrange massive amounts of images and data online. Built on breakthrough Seadragon technology, it enables spectacular zooms in and out of web databases, and the discovery of patterns and links invisible in standard web browsing”

“I remember when I first saw PivotViewer and being blown away at the possibilities that it provided – an entirely visual way of looking at and exploring data. I was a Business Intelligence consultant at the time and It made working with data fun and engaging, allowing me to create whole new experiences for my clients.”

Roger Noble - CTO - Zegami Ltd

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