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Imagine a picture of a forest from above, full of life. What if I then gave you the information on every single plant, tree, flower, animal, insect and weed in the area, how could you possibly make sense of it all?

Zegami, a visual data exploration tool, makes the impossible possible.

Find what you want, effortlessly

Image based search

What if there was a better way to search for your images other than trying to describe what you are looking for and then hoping that someone has tagged or labelled that image with the right information. This is the future of Zegami, over the next year in conjunction with Oxford university and our development team we are going to turn Zegami from not just an amazing visual experience that enables you to intuitively search on your data but also search based on the image itself or parts of the image. Currently no other enterprise level software gives users that flexibility or functionality.

Basic Images Zearches - Zegami

Basic Image Search

Search Image Metadata - Zegami

Metadata Search

Tag and Annotote Images - Zegami

High Resolution Zoom In

Filter, Sort and Group Images - Zegami

Filter, Sort and Group

Zegami allows you to load not only your images, but also the associated metadata. This means you can filter, sort and even group your image collection based on attributes within the data.

Look for patterns

Zegami has an array of in-built filters that make it easy to see patterns and identify relationships based on the data contained in each image.

Use the sliders to filter based on a numeric range or plot two ranges as a scatter plot and just draw around the area of interest.

Patterns in Images- Zegami
Zoom in Images - Zegami

Get close and personal

Zegami has been highly optimised to display large amounts of images quickly and at high quality. This means you can zoom in as close as possible even over slow or limited bandwidth connections.

Add custom tags

Zegami’s custom tagging feature means you can add additional metadata to an item. Once added it can then be used as a filter for the entire collection or saved to a snapshot for viewing later or sharing with others.

Custom Tags - Zegami
Linking Data Sources - Zegami

Linking Data Sources

Zegami is unique in that it allows organisations to link not just data from a single data base but also various other data sources such as BI toolsets, Document library’s, Dashboards, forms and much much more

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