Zegami For Human Resources

“Zegami empowers HR professionals to expand their line of sight and ultimately create conversations that most naturally enhance workplace culture development”

Senior HR specialist

Image and data management for HR

Zegami Human Resources is an analytics platform that has been designed with visual intuition and the employee as a focal point, allowing you gain insight into all your people.

Most companies already have good systems collecting data but need to make sense of this. Zegami places analytical ability into the hands of the people who need information.

Zegami HR compliments and enhances existing systems with insight not available from other BI systems.  It puts personality back into data analytics and provides a single point of truth for every person in your business.

Zegami for Human Resources

‘’Zegami introduces a new way to create and promote a culture of employee advocacy.  It delivers a visual playground that opens the door beyond words and numbers and is adaptable to different learning and decision-making styles.’’

Recruitment Manager

A fresh look into the art of People Analytics

Visualize with Zegami to identify and invest in your best employees

Zegami for Human Resources - People Analytics

Zegami HR is a visual playground for HR Executives to better:

  • access employee information quickly,
  • assess critical work-place situations in real-time and
  • express decisions in an outcomes-neutral environment to help grow & retain an organization’s diverse talent.
Zegami For Human Resources - HR Executives
Zegami For Human Resources - HR for Employees

Zegami HR puts the employee back in the data for…

  • Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Workforce management & mobility
  • Performance Management (incl. compensation)
  • Learning & Development
  • Leadership Development & Succession planning
  • Talent Management (Acquisition, Engagement, Retention)
  • Payroll & Benefits
  • Organizational Design & Development

Zegami for HR demo

Do you really know who the standouts are in your team?

“SD Worx is excited at the inclusion of the Zegami visualisation tool into our software. This inclusion will provide our clients with an easy and effective means of viewing their data, allowing them to gain insight about their people and their pay data. The Zegami solution is attractive due to its visualization capabilities, speed, ability to support complex security requirements and is available on pretty much any device.”

David Woodward | Chief Product Officer

Zegami – partners with Ceridian

Zegami for Human Resources – partners with Ceridian

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