Get the most out of your Sharepoint document and image libraries with Zegami, the visual document search platform

Find what you are looking for in a document or image library in a fast and intuitive way.

The Power of Zegami with Sharepoint

With most SharePoint deployments, there is a debate on the best way to structure documents. On the one hand, they can be organised into folders, which over time decay into a spider’s web of nested folders. The other approach is to organise them by metadata, content types and views. While this is considered to be best practice, it is typically abandoned by users over time, unless filling out the correct metadata is strictly enforced. In both cases finding documents within SharePoint either relies on search; which returns too many results, or countless views which become time consuming to maintain. There has to be a better way!

Zegami for Sharepoint View Documents

View your documents like never before

Zegami, is a visual search tool that allows you to get more out of your document libraries within SharePoint. Its dynamic interface allows you to see all your documents in a single view helping you find exactly what you are looking for.

With Zegami, you can search, sort and filter your documents no matter how they are structured. Imagine never having to worry about misplacing that document again. Zegami makes this possible.

Zegami for Sharepoint Search Documents


The default for most people when they are trying to find a document is to just type what they are looking for into a search engine.  The result is an endless list of items that you must scroll through to find the document or image you are looking for. Zegami takes a completely new approach to finding what you want through its multi-dimensional search functionality.

Zegami for Sharepoint Sort Documents


The real power of Zegami lies in its ability to not only display the items that you have searched for in a fast and dynamic way, but once you have found the results it provides the ability to order and sort them in many different ways based on the metadata information panel or utilising the drill down graph view.

Zegami for Sharepoint Filter Documents


The document filter panel on the left hand side and the top line filters on Zegami user interface provides you the means of refining your search. These are both based on the information (metadata) attached to the stored documents.

Zegami for SharePoint demo

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