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There is a growing expectation for educators to know all aspects relating to the students under their care. They are increasingly accountable for monitoring and reporting on the impact of activities and how this improves the learning experience for students as a group while monitoring the needs and achievements of individuals.

Data visualisation for schools

Schools are a rich source of data; the challenge is the task of gathering student information stored in multiple locations. Zegami is a powerful data visualization platform that changes this by enabling schools to manage student information through one true view without rebuilding the current IT infrastructure.

“Zegami School brings data to life in a way that makes analysis empowering, even enjoyable. It allows teachers to quickly identify groups for intervention and support, for reward or monitoring. It allows teachers to identify patterns and trends and spot correlations that may never have been seen before. Which influences how they plan their teaching…the holy grail for any school data leader.“

Alex Wood, Deputy Principle, Omskirk School

Zegami for Schools

Do you know who your students are?

With Zegami it is possible to view every student in a school on a single screen and to sort, filter and group them into year groups, forms or any variable required.

Teachers and school administrators can now identify meaningful trends, patterns and correlations that inform or support practices at a group level but still be able to drill  down into the details for every student.


“Zegami provides new insight and perspectives into our school that other toolsets can’t provide.  It allows quick identification of groups for intervention, support, monitoring and rewarding”

School Administrator

What Zegami offers:

  • Progress data, including subject attainment and residuals
  • Homework data
  • Intervention activities
  • Literacy levels
  • Pupil Premium eligibility
  • Classes, groups and teachers
  • Behaviour data
  • Barriers to learning information
  • SEND needs
  • Personal details, such as date of birth, postcode, primary school, year group or house

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