Zegami was developed by researchers with their needs in mind

Zegami for Research

Are you struggling to get the most out of your image collections and  maximise your results?

Stop your image collections from gathering dust and for the first time start integrating them into your analytical workflow as first class measures with the Zegami – your research visualization tool.

How Zegami is helping the research and academic sectors

Zegami For High Throughput Microscopy

High Throughput Microscopy

New ways to discover the unknown

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Zegami for Plat Phenomics

Plant Phenomics

Fresh perspectives

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Zegami for Museums


Giving Curators the toolset they need

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Publish your results

Publish your results in a way that is visually appealing and simple to use for both scientists and the general public.

Aid with machine learning

Develop training sets and refine existing algorithms by tagging and ranking to improve performance.

Easily extensible

Want to add a new feature or don’t like the way it works? Zegami can be extended in many ways and includes a fully documented API plus tutorials.


Find outliers fast

Image processing has come a long way over the years but it still doesn’t compare to the pattern recognition capability of the human brain. Zegami allows you to use the strengths of both.

Filter, sort and group

Filter, sort and group your images based on the metadata you’ve already collected. Zegami’s intuitive interface makes it much less time consuming than traditional data analysis tools.

Catch false leads

Image analysis tools don’t always give the correct results leading to incorrect conclusions. Going back to the source image is the only way to know the data is correct.

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