Zegami for Plant Phenomics

Zegami provides a customised solution for research institutions in the Plant Phenomics and genomic industry who are committed to ensuring food security for future generations. The results of this research enables growers and breeders to develop new agricultural germplasm to support future agricultural production.

Quick access to valuable data

The Zegami visualisation tool has helped unlock valuable data allowing researchers to make informed decisions using the vast amounts of images that they collect.

Zegami wants to work with you to ensure food security for future generations.

Zegami - Plant Phenomics Access to valuable data
Zegami - Plant Phenomics

What problems will it solve?

  • Visual quality analysis and control for researchers
  • Recapture human reasoning into analytical process
  • Visualizing phenotypic data sets
  • Collaboration platform brings the Scientist and Analyst together
  • Controlled image analysis runs parallel to the experiment timeline
  • Associate images with numerical outliers
  • Addresses the data analysis bottleneck in high throughput experiments
  • Process 60 000 images instantly even with slow bandwidth speeds
  • Statistical analysis of large image sets
  • Instant outlier detection and pattern/ trend identification.
  • Generate and interrogate complex graphs on the fly

“Zegami is a great tool. It allows us to really quickly get a feel for our experiments and is especially useful when we need to classify outliers. We can immediately see outliers using the graphing functions and then the plant scientists can determine whether these images are outliers due to biological or systematic reasons.”

George Sainsbury, Plant Accelerator - Adelaide, Australia

Case Studies and Demos

Zegami presentation at Phenodays 2016 Germany

Resellers and partners

Zegami Resellers and Parters - WPS We Prove Solutions

“Zegami has helped advance our research by enabling us to see our metadata and images in a new way, helping us identify patterns intuitively. We can now easily switch the view of our collection between images, graphs, tables and maps, leading us to analyse the data from different perspectives and to ask questions we did not know needed asking. Not only has Zegami assisted in progressing the analysis of our research, it has also given us the ability to share research and results publicly through a new and interactive method.”

Professor Jennifer McElwain

UCD Plant Palaeoecology and Palaeobiology Group

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