What if you could access every item within your museum collection instantly?

Bring Museum Digital Collections to life with Zegami and unlock your digital archives with the power of visual search. Zegami will help you gain insight from your current solutions that you never thought possible.

Zegami is more than just a user interface, it provides plugin image recognition or machine learning software to gain new perspectives. Search, sort, filter, tag, annotate and share collections in a simple intuitive way. Zegami allows you to ask questions of your collections you didn’t think were possible.


Find data with ease

What if you could quickly and easily find what you were looking for in your collection in a simple and intuitive way? 

What if this solution was more than just a search tool and allowed you to ask questions of your data in ways you never thought were possible?

What if you had a platform on which you could plug in smart image recognition software to gain greater insight?

Zegami for Museums Find Data

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother teaching them. Instead give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking”

R.Buckminster Fuller

Designer, Inventor, Futurist

Zegami Collections

Click on the images below to test out each of these amazing museum collections.

Zegami - South Australian Museum Collection of Terrestrial Invertebrates

South Australian Museum Collection of Terrestrial Invertebrates

Discover the amazing insects that live throughout Australia

Zegami Museums - Ashmolean Sculptures

Ashmolean Sculptures

Come discover the incredible treasures that are hidden away in the museum

Zegami Museums - Ashmolean Painting Collection

Ashmolean Painting Collection

Take your time to investigate some of the museums hidden gems

Zegami - John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera

John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera

Instead of being hidden away in dusty collections, take a look at these snapshots of history

Zegami demo for Museums

What are our customers saying

Zegami has enabled us to make our trade cards available, in an exciting, cutting-edge way, to new communities: local and family historians, textile historians, etc.  It is a far cry from searching a library catalogue and clicking on a thumbnail. 

We love the way it enables users to refine their results by so many parameters. To be able to search by street within a town, with geomapping is an exciting departure for us and the speed with which the results appear is staggering. I cannot recommend Zegami highly enough as a tool which doesn’t just deliver random images, but finds the very image the user wants in a dynamic way.

Julie Anne Lambert

Librarian of the Johnson Johnson Collection

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