Zegami is enables Facility and Asset management teams to take disparate data sources and augment them into a single view

Bring your Facilities Management Database to life

With ever increasing compliance requirements and risk mitigation strategies, facilities and asset managers need smarter toolsets to help keep them ahead of the game. So why not unlock the power of your traditional content management solution with Zegami – a new and innovative way to access your asset data base like never before. The software can help at an individual asset level looking at its specific performance or the generation of situational reports and queries. Zegami will help you and your customers see what they have been missing.

Zegami For Asset Management

Zegami is designed to take disparate data sources and combine them into a single functional solution that everyone can use.

“Zegami provides a simple and effective user interface that has not only improved our access to information and reporting internally, but also provided a solution that our customers can use to quickly and easily use to track an asset’s everyday performance.”

Andrew Oconnor

Managing Director, Oconnors

Zegami Asset Management - Oconnors

Zegami for Oconnors

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Facilities & Asset Management Applications

Zegami takes what you have stored in your traditional asset management system and makes it functional

Zegami - Facilities & Asset Management Applications

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