Using AI to speed up COVID-19 diagnosis

Zegami has built a tool that could help speed up diagnosis of COVID-19, using a combination of deep learning and

Medical Image Analysis on the frontline of clinical research

Expenditure on big data analytics generally in healthcare is estimated to see a compound annual growth rate of over 19%
Unstructured Data Visualisation

Explainable AI – Visualising Unstructured Data

​With the growing popularity of machine learning and the lower barrier to entry for creating models using friendly, open-source APIs,
The Machine Learning Workflow

The Machine Learning Workflow

Looking back at the pace of innovation over the last 10 years, it becomes increasingly difficult to imagine a world
Exploring Data in the Media World

Exploring Data in the Media World

Any production company working with a content library will know that it is worthless without some means of knowing what
Unlocking HR Analytics

Unlocking HR Analytics 2019

Zegami has conducted extensive research and a series of interviews with HR leaders, to assess where the real value lies
5 ROIs Whitepaper - HR Analytics

The 5 ROIs of Zegami HR

Any HR executive, manager or analyst keeping abreast of HR trends is certainly aware of the rising importance of HR