What does a minimal config look like?

Two example configs are provided in the Zip file: examples/diversity/config.json examples/licenses/config.json

Many further properties exist that can be used to tailor how the data is displayed
in Zegami.

Our specification is in OpenAPI JSON v3. We appreciate that these are somewhat verbose with many optional variables.

We therefore suggest using the example configs and data types table below as a starting point.

You can browse the full API documentation at https://zegami.com/developer/apidocs/standalone

As part of the config you will need to provide:

  • dataUrl – the location of your data file
  • zegXsltUrl – the location of your zeg xslt file
  • dataLoader – either JSON or TSV (see below)
  • loaderOptions
    • fields: a list of fields in the data file with at least name, type and in some cases format

The data type and name of each column must be defined.

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