UI Overview

The Zegami Manager is a simple web interface that allows users and collection managers to view, edit and create Zegami collections. Zegami’s management portal has been designed to simplify the process of creating collections as well as providing users with up to date information as to the status of their collections.

Viewing Collections #

Collection Details #

Each collection listed features details about the collection including a description and the processing status. These details are useful when wanting to know when the collection data was last processed and how long the processing took.

Collection Processing Status #

When a collection is processing its status will be indicated in the processing status indicator as well as the progress bar which appears at the top of the item.

Queued #

When a collection has been marked for processing it is placed into a queue where it will wait to be processed. Collections to be processed will wait in the queue until the scheduler is able to process them. Collections are processed in order and depend on the current load of the server and if other collections are being processed.


When a collection processing has begun its status will change indicating the percentage of overall processing. The progress bar (the blue line at the top of the item) will also update to indicate how much processing has been done.

Completed #

Once a collection has finished processing its status will change to completed. The final processing duration will also be displayed.

Error #

If an error occurs during processing the collection status will change to error and its progress bar will change to red to indicate the status.

Error details can be retrieved by clicking the View history link. This will display a detailed list of each time the collection has been processed including errors. The details may not always make sense as to why a collection has failed, but they can be useful when contacting Zegami support in diagnosing an issue.

Collection Processing History #

Detailed statistics on the processing history and status of a collection can be obtained by clicking a collections  link.

The Processing history page provides information on the status, item count, how long the collection took to process and the total disk space used to host the collection.
The Processed at combo box allows you to view historical data.

Each image source (collections can have multiple image sources) will also display a Timeline of events – a simple chart showing each processing step and how long it took.

For detailed statistics on each image, including errors the Show detailed statistics button will reveal a table of every image and how long each processing step took.

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