Test install of demo Zegami collection

The zegami zip package contains everything needed in order to get started, including example collections to help with configuration. The package has the following contents:

To get started, host the bundle on a webserver or should you wish to test on your local machine using a local development web server, like servez, http-server, Visual Studio or a different local web server. You will need to make the root folder the entrypoint.

Navigate to: localhost:[port]/examples/diversity/index.html

Alternatively you can just right-click on the index.html file and click open with Mozilla Firefox (Other browsers do not
do this)

Once you load the index.html web page it should look like this:

This collection is loading the config.json file from the /examples/ diversity folder. The config file itself is then pointing the collection at the tsv and xslt files in the same folder as described in the config section below.

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