Tagging within Zegami provides a quick and simple way to add additional metadata to an existing collection.

There are two ways that tags can be added to an item the first is tagging a single item via the metadata panel and the second is bulk tagging via the selection menu.

Tagging single items #

Metadata tags can be added to a single item simply by selecting it and updating the respective metadata panel.

Tags can be added by clicking the Add Tag, entering a new tag name and hitting the Create button.

An individual tag can be removed by clicking the x button next to the corresponding tag.

As soon as a collection has active tags they also become available in the filter panel under a filter called Tags. These work exactly the same as other text or categorical filters, displaying a list of checkboxes that can be selected.

Bulk tagging #

Tagging items individually can quickly become time consuming if there are many items that require tagging. The Select and Tag menu provides a way that many items can be tagged fast.

We can open the selection menu by clicking on the   icon on left-hand side toolbar.

When the Select and Tag menu is active the current view changes into a selection mode. When in selection mode multiple items can be selected at once by dragging an area around the tiles in the view.

The Select and Tag menu provides five main functions, listed below.

Select All #

Select all the items in the current view. This does not include items that have been excluded due to an active filter.

Select None #

Select none of the items in the current view.

Select Inverse #

Select the inverse or opposite of what has been currently selected.

Interaction Mode #

The interaction mode allows a user to switch from a selection mode to a pan and zoom mode.

Tag selected #

Bulk tag all of the items that have been selected in the current view.

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