Linux Configuration

Notes on supervisor #

The supervisor process control tool ensures that all zegami linux processes are up and running. Each service is started via a file in the /etc/supervisor/conf.d directory.

UWSGI Config #


Starts the UWSGI server to accept Zegami web requests. Can be used to configure the number of web server processes used and other resource management.

If you make a change to the python files or Zegami configuration, reload the configuration with

sudo supervisorctl restart zegami_uwsgi

MongoDB Config #

Since version we are using the MongoDB install which comes with Ubuntu or centos. The data is still stored in


The config file is found in:


To reload the configuration use

sudo service mongod restart

The log file is located in


NGINX Supervisor Config #


Starts the nginx web server

NGINX Webserver Config #

` /opt/zegami/conf/nginx.conf

(formerly located in /opt/zegami_python/anaconda/etc/nginx/nginx.conf)`

This file points the nginx web server at the static files such as CSS and Javascript as well as the collection html files for the CLI install.

To set up a collection via the CLI see here

To reload the configuration use

sudo supervisorctl restart zegami_nginx

Zegami Services Supervisor Config #


This file ensures that the services for logging and collection processing are running.

Zegami Services Config #


This settings file controls the locations of data files and other aspects of the system as described here.

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