Zegami is really great for exploring large collections of images, but what about data sets that don’t have images?

So that everyone else doesn’t miss out, we’ve created dynamic, data-bound images that we like to call Zegs! Zegs are great because they open up Zegami’s intuitive interface for data exploration to any kind of data imaginable.

Zegs can be as simple as a square with a coloured background, where that colour represents a value from the data.

Or they can be something more complex, containing text, gradients, images and charts. Just like a baseball card!

Zegs are bound to the data, meaning as the data changes so does the tile. In addition, Zegs can show different information based on their size and zoom level.




Adding a Zeg to your collection #

To create a zeg follow our Authoring Zegs guide or contact us at help@zegami.com for assistance.

Once you have your zeg then you can attach it to a dynamic collection during the collection creation or edit process by dropping it into the file upload area.

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