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The internet provides the ultimate platform for museums, art galleries and libraries to showcase their collections to a global audience. The potential for millions of people to access, discover and enjoy treasured collections calls for a better way to capture, store and make image rich assets available.

Traditional search tools and data base user interfaces are both cumbersome and clumsy. Zegami provides an alternative through its intuitive image based visual search tool that provides a user experience that puts people at the heart of their engagement with your collections.

Zegami is a Visual Data Exploration Tool

Zegami is a visual data exploration tool for viewing large collections of images providing a single aggregated view.

This easy to use solution makes image rich data accessible and allows for the inclusion of associated meta data (structured and unstructured) from multiple sources.

Users can search, sort, filter, group, tag and compare large image rich collections to see patterns and associations that are invisible to traditional analysis techniques.  This can then be tied back to a single object e.g. a painting, sculpture, artefact or book and provides the ability to drill down to relevant detailed information at an individual image level.

’Zegami has enabled us to make our trade cards available, in an exciting, cutting-edge way, to new communities: local and family historians, textile historians, etc.  It is a far cry from searching a library catalogue and clicking on a thumbnail.  We love the way it enables users to refine their results by so many parameters’’

Julie Anne Lambert - Librarian of the Johnson Johnson Collection

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