Zegami for Schools

Because your students are more than numbers.

“In making the judgement about leadership and management in schools, inspectors will consider how effectively leaders monitor the progress of pupils to ensure that none falls behind and underachieves.”


What is Zegami?

Teachers and school leaders increasingly need powerful yet simple tools to help them analyse and work with data, but many worry that individual students can be buried beneath the statistics.

Zegami for Schools, is a powerful data visualisation platform that allows schools to explore data in a way that places their students front and centre. Zegami helps schools to control and engage with the range of data they hold in a completely different, intuitive and student-focused way. It complements and enhances the data systems schools are already using and makes exploring data simple and fast. This means that school leaders and teachers can spend less time scrutinising numbers and more time doing the work that actually makes an impact.

Using Zegami to identify focus groups for additional support by combining, filtering and sorting student data.

With Zegami, teachers get:

Zegami for Schools
  • A holistic analysis of school issues and trends (such as progress, attendance and behaviour)
  • Rapid identification of target groups, supporting effective intervention and differentiation
  • Student-focused analysis to support curriculum leaders and pastoral staff
  • The ability to create tailored collections for a wide range of purposes, from class to whole school level
  • Intuitive and simple presentation of complex data

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  • Ormskirk School
  • Westminster School
  • UOS
  • UOE
  • Purdie
  • OSHU
  • Aberystwyth

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