The Zegami solution for Research & Development

The Zegami team brings years on experience in technical leadership, strategy and expertise in AI and Research & Development to the table. We are used to working right at the edge of what’s technically possible and have experience in navigating the inevitable uncertainties that arise in these kinds of projects.

Our default position is to come up with the simplest solution as possible and to mitigate risks due to unknown factors.

Visualising Data on Screen


We’ve used AI and data science techniques to deliver cutting edge, bespoke solutions for our customers in a variety of industries and use cases.

  • Quality control of images
  • Object detection
  • Classification
  • Image processing and Computer Vision
  • Training, test and validation data curation
  • Image and video annotation
  • Removal of imaging artefacts
  • AI validation

Do you have an existing project or idea that needs AI?

Research & Development Case Studies

Data Visualisation to Protect Great White Sharks

Uncovering information about the great white shark is an important element of preserving its global population—and the vital efforts to identify, classify and understand available data are increasingly driven and supported by modern technology.

Partnership with Oxford’s MRC Weatherall Institute

The MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford was founded in 1989 to foster research in molecular and cell biology, with the aim of improving human health.

Hyperparameter tuning with Zegami

Reinforcement learning is a type of machine learning often applied to problems involving indirect rewards – that is, in which making a correct choice gives a delayed reward, possibly dependent on future actions.