The Zegami solution for Automotive

Manufacturers, fleet owners and leasing companies rely on manual processes when completing comprehensive, accurate vehicle and quality control inspections. Errors risk both unexpected costs due to compounding damage, increased risk of disputes down-the-line, alongside increasing risk to driver safety and customer satisfaction.

AI powered inspection systems are capable of being used by anybody to carry out automated inspections and quality checks. These automated systems enable the next leap of efficiency gains, driven by data and high throughput image analysis to identify defects and issues as early as possible.

Visualising Data on Screen


AI can enable manufacturer, fleet managers, auditors and leasing companies to see efficiency gains, higher throughput and improved overall quality of service.

  • Vehicle inspection
  • Identify opportunities for smart repair
  • Damage and defect identification
  • Quality control of images
  • Surface inspection
  • Removal of imaging artefacts
  • Image and video annotation

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Automotive Case Studies

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Joint venture with automotive technology solutions provider Ebbon Group to develop smart repair and damage identification system.