The Zegami solution for Agriculture

Researchers and academics today must consume and process vast quantities of data. Doing so efficiently and with accuracy is an increasing challenge. Both academic and commercial organisations are investing in AI and high throughput systems that allow them to grow large numbers of crops, understand disease in large fields and measure seed germination, just to name a few.

Agriculture and the broader field of plant science have a growing requirements for the visual observation of plants, and is an area where Zegami has gained footholds.

Visualising Data on Screen


AI can help to understand and manage the large quantities of data and images generated by sensors, autonomous drones and earth observation and can provide real, actionable insights.

  • Quality control for plants, flowers and seeds
  • Identification of disease and pests
  • Analysis of satellite and aerial images and video
  • Image annotation

Do you have an existing project or idea that needs AI?

Agriculture Case Studies

Solving food shortages using Image Analysis

Research at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility is leading to the development of new and improved crops, healthier food and more sustainable agricultural practices.