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High throughput image analysis

Explore large image datasets and video to unlock powerful insights from previously unutilised data sources. Drive innovation for scientific research and medical imaging.

Streamlined image annotation for AI

Deliver more accurate and robust machine learning models faster. Automate your data analysis with machine learning models specifically targeted to meet your needs.

Visualise insights with business data

Cleverly use all the data in your business to maximise engagement of your workforce, visualise huge document libraries, prioritise projects and improve scheduling.

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“The theory out there is that losing an employee is about the cost of two times their salary to be able to get someone to replace them and ramped up. By being able to retain more people which Zegami has helped us do, we probably saved millions of dollars by that alone.”

InnovaSystems Brand

Chris Wollerman


“Without zegami I wouldn’t be able to feasibly accomplish my project in a reasonable amount of time. It just allows me to go through large amount of information in batches rather than individually and it is a complete game changer.”


Lance Hentges