COVID-19 lung X-ray insights. Cutting edge AI and visualisation technology can speed up efforts by researchers to develop new tools for diagnosis.

Cancer Diagnosis

Oesophageal cancer video frames to find cancer lesions to train the machine learning model.

Predicting Heart Disease

This collection shows an example of using unsupervised machine learning to predict heart disease using images derived from echocardiogram data

High throughput screening

High throughput screening in Zegami as published in the Nature Communications article ‘Suppression of the alternative lengthening of telomere pathway

Understanding Genes

Development stages of model organism Xenopus Laevis. Determine the best concentration of morpholino to use to understand gene expression.


A collection of terrestrial invertebrates curated by the South Australian Museum.

Red Bull

Red Bull social media images collection built for their Instagram account. We have run some machine learning models to cluster the images

Art Stock

A collection of wall art, associated market values, and dummy stock values.