COVID-19 lung X-rays

Zegami highlights new insights in crowdsourced COVID-19 dataset. Cutting edge AI and visualisation technology can speed up efforts by researchers to develop new tools for diagnosis

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Cancer Diagnosis

The collection explores image similarity comparison of oesophageal cancer video frames to find cancer lesions to train the ML model

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Predicting Heart Disease

This collection shows an example of using unsupervised machine learning to predict heart disease using images derived from echocardiogram data

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Understanding Genes

The data shows various developmental stages of Xenopus Laevis, which is model organism used to understand gene expression. The aim

Collection Size: 3251

Red Bull

Red Bull social media images collection built for their Instagram account. We have run some machine learning models to cluster the images

Collection Size: 5937

Trump Tweets

Trump Tweets Collection- explore over 40,000 Trump’s Tweets over the last 10 years. Analyse Trump’s Twitter data and spot trends

Collection Size: 40208


A selection of content found on Netflix.

Collection Size: 5808

Human Resources

A dashboard-based software tool that allows HR professionals to conduct “people analytics”.

Collection Size: 14999


A collection of terrestrial invertebrates curated by the South Australian Museum.

Collection Size: 3570

Acting Talent

A handful of stars in the making from around the world.

Collection Size: 1683

Edinburgh Fringe 2019

A collection of shows at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019.

Collection Size: 4186

Rugby World Cup

A collection of player statistics from 1987-2019 Rugby World Cups.

Collection Size: 4685