Process improvement through data discovery

Business intelligence tools are great for retrospectively looking at data but fail to allow users to proactively explore and discover insights. Within manufacturing, Zegami presents a simple way for users to easily look at their data and disseminate it across the organisation without having to involve IT. They can take a spreadsheet and using Zegs visualise them.

For Siemens and other manufacturers that adhere to Lean principles, continual process improvement is a daily core activity.

For process management, a tool like Zegami gives a good overview and allows users to drill down and see problems an anomalies very quickly. Things like having the Zegs all flash up red or filter Zegs that don’t quite meet some ruleset becomes very useful.
You’ve then got the people who are trying to improve things so that we never get to the anomaly in the first place. Users look back through a process in order to fix the anomaly, but that normally means you need to bring in additional datasets and investigate. Having a tool that can be widely available to everyone in our organisation so they can investigate data, that is intuitive and easy to use is the ideal nirvana for us

Lead Data Scientist
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