Since the very beginning, we have worked closely with our customers to deliver cutting edge solutions

In doing this we’ve built up years of expertise and experience to deliver a wide range of AI projects that use imaging and other data types. Zegami’s full-stack platform and services, enabling researchers, data scientists and subject matter experts to deliver explainable AI faster and more accurately. Here are just a few case studies of the many projects that we’ve worked on over the years.

Image QC for outputs of spatial omics

Image analysis and AI for Ultivue, a spatial biology company that specialises in multiplexed tissue staining and imaging

New insights for High Content Screening

Integration of existing Columbus infrastructure (based on OMERO) into a machine learning based image analysis platform to analyse and integrate data from drug studies, high content screening imaging and functional genomics

Curing genetic disease with Machine Learning

Using machine learning to help process and the data allows it to be carried out at a much greater volume. Doing so reliably and accurately, however, relies on developing a rigorously trained machine learning model

Solving food shortages using Image Analysis

Research at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility is leading to the development of new and improved crops, healthier food and more sustainable agricultural practices.

Process improvement through data discovery

For Siemens and other manufacturers that adhere to Lean principles, continual process improvement is a daily core activity. “For process management, a tool like Zegami gives a good overview”