Zegami Helps Seafolly Overcome Operational Challenges

OXFORD, England, April 24, 2018 (Newswire.com)

Zegami, a data visualisation company, today announced that Seafolly has adopted Zegami to explore large data sets that will help them gain a competitive advantage.

Seafolly has become the epicentre of Australian beach lifestyle and has quickly become one of the most recognised swimwear and beach lifestyle brands worldwide. Their success is attributed to adopting an omni-channel retail model which is reinforced through data analysis that helps operations understand their business.

Seafolly’s operational challenge is to ensure customers experience continuity between its in-store and online retail platforms. This is achieved by anticipating product demand and managing stock levels, maintaining consistent pricing models and continually evaluating store and channel performance.

Quick and intuitive analysis of large data sets across multiple sources is required to ensure business success.

Zegami has given Seafolly a competitive edge by providing a better understanding of their data. In particular, the management of products and their movement through the respective retail channels, sales performance and the ability to be agile and responsive.

“Zegami has given us a view of our data that allows us to evaluate and explore information from several sources in one interface. Its ease of use means we can analyse data and make important decisions based on reliable information quickly and accurately. This saves time, reduces costs and improves overall business efficiency,” said Nathan Alexander, IT director at Seafolly. Sam Conway, CEO of Zegami, added, “Around every product is a body of knowledge and information, everything from sales performance to supplier details, product specifications, minimum order quantities. When managing thousands of stock items, it’s imperative that you have instant access to this information in a way that makes for better-informed stock management decisions. This is something that traditional solutions struggle with unless you work item by item or line by line through the data.”

For more information on Seafolly, visit https://www.seafolly.com.