Zegami development has begun!


After many months, late nights and Skype calls, Coritsu is happy to announce that work on Zegami has begun!

For the unfamiliar, Zegami is an exploration and visualisation tool for images, currently being developed by Coritsu. Based on the previous work of our CTO Roger Noble (blog | twitter), Zegami is a complete rebuild of the popular HTML5 PivotViewer project.

With consideration of the limitations of previous technology, the Coritsu team are taking the issues faced today by researchers and bioinformaticians to build a completely new tool from scratch.

So how is Zegami different?

We are working hard to push the limits of current browser technology and are committed to delivering a world class analysis tool.

  • Display 100,000+ images (!!!)
  • Complete UI redesign with full support for mobile devices
  • Compare selected items
  • Replace the grid view with a more powerful context view
  • Add and save annotations
  • Improved plugin architecture

What to expect in the next 6 months.

We will be sending out regular updates to our mailing list and blog as new pieces of functionality are developed. In addition there is the opportunity for subscribers to take part to really help us drive its innovation and application for the market.

See how Zegami works