Stephen Taylor, CSO of Zegami to present on DNA origami research project at The Royal Society – Summer Science Exhibition 2017

Presented by University of Oxford (Weatherall Institute of Molecular MedicineRadcliffe Department of Medicine and Goldsmith’s University.

Event: The Royal Society – Summer Science Exhibition 2017 Date: 04 – 09 July 2017 Title: DNA origami: how do you fold a genome? Zegami contact: Stephen Taylor

Zegami through Stephen Taylor our Chief Scientific Officer and lead investigator (with Professor Jim Hughes) for the research project being presented, is proud to be associated with this prestigious event. Here is an extract from the events page:

‘In the last ten years, technology has made it possible for us to study how the 3,000,000,000 letters of our genetic code vary between people. Your DNA code helps makes you you – from determining the colour of your eyes, to the size of your feet. But it also determines our susceptibility to certain diseases. Although we can find DNA changes linked with disease, we don’t always know how or why they cause problems. We need to understand this so we can turn genetic discoveries into new approaches to prevent or treat disease’.

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