Roger Noble to present at IPPN Affordable Phenotyping Workshop

Speaker: Roger Noble Event: IPPN Affordable Phenotyping Workshop Date: 15 – 17 May, 2017 Title: Zegami – Unlocking valuable data from image collections

Zegami is a data visualisation and exploration tool for large collections of images and other visual information. Zegami has been providing a customised solution for research institutions in the Plant Phenomics industry who are working towards ensuring food security for future generations. The results of this research enables growers and breeders to develop new agricultural germplasm to support future agricultural production.

The presentation will describe how Zegami, an affordable visualisation platform, allows researchers to make use of the vast amount of images they collect as part of their research projects. The platform provides a rich new source of information that delivers new insights leading to better informed results.

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