On our radar #3

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Here is a quick round-up of some of Zegami’s favourite AI stories from the last few weeks. From health-boosting playlists to stealing cars in L.A., these stories that have appeared on our radar:  

1) Tech Tent: Is AI music the best medicine?      

The Tech Tent podcast from BBC Sounds is a great source of lively discussions about AI and a range of innovative applications. This edition features a start-up that’s using an AI algorithm to generate playlists that can improve medical outcomes for patients. There’s also an interesting chat with a man whose AI led him to crossword fame as he won the most prestigious championship in the US. 

2) Healthcare’s AI Future: A Conversation with Fei-Fei Li & Andrew Ng

Don’t believe the hype? Well, not just yet. A conversation with some heavyweights of AI about healthcare, as they discuss taking machine learning from the test site to the real world. Some really great insights, especially on data drift @ 22:30 and bias at 44:49. 

3) Visualising Science: How colour determines what we see

Colour plays a major role in how we perceive information  analysis and communication of scientific information. It’s really interesting that when visualising data, applying colour in the right way can help to effectively quantify, understand, evaluate and communicate information. 

4) 2020-21: A year in the life of the NHS AI Lab

Surprisingly, the pandemic has had an almost equal positive and negative effect on the development and adoption of AI technologies in healthcare. This report by NHSX looks at the last 12 months of AI within the NHS.

5) GTA 5 Photorealism project uses AI machine learning

“Ooh, you just made this real easy for me”. Rockstar Games has incorporated machine learning into the fifth instalment of its highly successful Grand Theft Auto series. The addition of AI machine learning has created a “staggering degree of visual realism”.