International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) and Zegami

Zegami and International Image Interoperability Framework

It shouldn’t be news that data is all around us and that it’s volume and importance growing at an ever-increasing pace. This is compounded with a rapidly increasing list of data providers, standards and formats for ways to store, retrieve and publish this data. The net result is distributed silos of data, often proprietary, that can’t easily talk to each other which inevitably leads to vendor lock in.

At Zegami, we are huge supporters of the open data movement as we feel that data of all types should be made available to anyone. One part of this growing movement is the International Image Interoperability Framework or IIIF. Over the past few years the IIIF have championed the cause for open data within Museums, Galleries, Archives and other data stores of historical and cultural significance.

As part of their ongoing effort to unify and standardize the way metadata and images are exchanged between disparate silos, the IIIF have recently published an open letter to all Digital Asset Management Software Vendors (DAMS) to urge the adoption of IIIF within their respective applications.

While we don’t consider Zegami to be a DAMS, we acknowledge our role in the ecosystem as a solution provider and fully support the sentiment behind the open letter. To solidify this support, we are pleased to announce that Zegami now supports both the IIIF Presentation API 2.1 and the IIIF Image API 2.1 for importing data into Zegami as well as publishing Zegami collection metadata and images. The IIIF plugins will be available in our upcoming cloud version of Zegami and we are currently accepting early beta testers to try it out.

Creating a collection based on a Presentation API Collection, Manifest or Sequence is as simple as selecting the IIIF Presentation API data source type and then adding in the path to the unique URI.

Zegami and IIIF Framework

Zegami will then generate a collection based on the metadata contained within the IIIF Collection or Manifest and the images supplied via the IIIF Image API.

Zegami generated image collection

Zegami collections can also publish their metadata and images via the IIIF Presentation v2.1 and IIIF Image v2.1 API’s.

Zegami Collections IIIF

If you’re interested in learning more about IIIF and Zegami, Roger Noble our CTO will be speaking at the Critical Visualization one-day symposium in Oxford on May 5th 2017 ( and the 2017 IIIF Conference at The Vatican on 7th – 9th of June (

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