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Combining Images and Data Zegami

It has never been easier to take a photo. Whether that’s using a computer, tablet, phone or actual standalone camera, we are generating millions of images every second. So how do we store and manage these most photo management software offers multiple ways to categorize or manually tag your photos and even have basic editing tools. What if you could take that concept one step further and have a way of categorising or searching for those images without having to spend hours adding notes, tags or annotation?

In June this year Amir Sood, Director of Google’s Cultural Institute and Art Project presented a talk titled “Every piece of art you’ve ever wanted to see – up close and searchable” where he presented an amazing concept of making available high resolution images of cultural art throughout the world (to museums that signed up to the Google cloud of course). The presentation once again was designed to inspire and amaze with the primary focus of putting art and cultural relics in the virtual hands of those that cannot travel. To say the least, the concept is brilliant.

Amit Sood - Every piece of art you’ve ever wanted to see – up close and searchable

The beauty of what Amit presents is that, once again, there is an underlying fundamental concept of combining images and data in a simple and intuitive way, although this you might say is more for entertainment than having hard research or commercial application.

Google takes the concept and the vision even further with the addition of machine learning, image recognition and auto tagging to produce what could only be described as unique insight into many of the world’s greatest art collections.
Consider applying this toolset in business or academic research, giving you the ability to interrogate visual data and its associated meta data in a meaningful way.

Introducing Zegami

Over the last 2 years the Zegami team in conjunction with Oxford University, have developed a data discovery toolset that is changing the way academics, researchers and commercial organisations are managing and utilising their image collections databases, yielding some amazing results.

This is not just another rebranded Digital Asset Management systems like Adobe light room 6 or photo director 7, far from it. Zegami is part intuitive image search solution and part data analysis toolset.
Confused, well don’t be, what Zegami does is provides a platform from which users can search, sort, filter and group images, movies or any other visual information, using either the information attached to the image (Metadata) or information contained within the image (Image based search) in a truly unique and dynamic way. As with the google example this is just the start of the solutions functionality. Many toolsets available today let you do one or the other, its either focus on the image or the data but not both. Zegami is different in that it does both, this has amazing application potential for everything from museums, plant phenomics, art galleries to facilities management and HR.

So now we have the platform technology what’s next? The ability to display images with associated data is one thing but how can we continue to gain insight or create a more powerful solution? Zegami is continually refining the ability to interrogate pictures through even more complex algorithms for image recognition, machine learning, auto tagging and predictive analytics.
Zegami is already a unique and interesting platform however with the addition of these features not only will the application of Zegami grow but so too will the insight and discoveries, organisations will make.

”If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother teaching them. Instead give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking”

R.Buckminster Fuller
Designer, Inventor, Futurist

At Zegami we see a world where imagery is much more than a snapshot of a past event. By harnessing the power of images, we believe its possible to provide information that allows us to build a better future.

Want to know more about Zegami, check out so much more than just image management.

By Samuel Conway
CEO Zegami Limited

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