Predicting the defect probability of solar cells with the help of Zegami Machine Learning Suite

Solar panels are becoming an increasingly important energy source and represent a great opportunity of sustainable energy for the next

Our Newest 5-Star Rating on B2B Platform Clutch

Here at Zegami, we work incessantly to build our relationships with our clients by providing them with high-calibre modern solutions.

Medical imaging AI and the digitalisation of cardiology

Like many other specialities in the field of medicine, cardiology is becoming increasingly digitalised. Consequently, it is also enjoying many of the benefits that AI can bring to the discipline.


Digital pathology: how medical imaging and AI are revolutionising the field

Technological developments in the field of digital pathology have made it easier to store, view and organise medical images. It’s also easier to engage and collaborate with other professionals, as well as quickly seek second opinions from other clinicians.


Comparing pre-trained deep learning models for feature extraction

Recently we’ve been exploring different ways to extract features from images using unsupervised machine learning techniques. Typically when wanting to get into

Can’t set Authorization header for Flask CORS request

When making a cross-site request to an API application such as a Flask application, often there are a few roadblocks.

“Error syncing pod, skipping: timeout expired waiting for volumes to attach”

At Zegami we are working hard to make the ultimate experience for browsing large collections of images and visual data.

Conda constructor tutorial : Make your python code easy to install cross-platform

Here at Zegami we wanted to make the installation process as painless as possible for any end user of our