Webinar: Make better HR decisions with Analytics

How can big data, analytics, and cutting-edge tech tools help HR professionals make better, value-adding decisions? HR leaders of all types are invited to “Making Better HR Decisions with Analytics” webinar hosted by LiveTiles and Zegami.

Strategic Insights that Lead to Value-Creation

There are many reasons for HR organizations to pursue analytics. But the primary reason should be strategic insights: findings that can be gleaned from seeing the trends in workforce data, which in turn translate to better organizational decision-making, informed by better data. These insights create real value, and while that value is difficult to quantify, it is impossible to ignore. The right workforce insight could lead to higher engagement, better wellness, more equitable diversity and inclusion efforts, or lower attrition, in addition to many other benefits.

The 5 ROIs of Zegami HR. Part 1: ROI from Organisational Synergies

As many companies explore HR analytics for the first time, it is common for the organization to struggle with how exactly to integrate the Analytics function within HR. In resolving this dilemma, the right analytics programs can offer the potential for true value-creation (i.e., ROI), through the right synergies.

Conducting UX research: HR insight 2019

Introducing the project In the second of my blogs from the Zegami UX universe I am introducing a new report

The Case for Visual Analytics in HR

If you asked the leaders of most business functions — Logistics, Marketing, Finance, or IT — whether technology has “fundamentally