On our radar #3

We’ve been keeping an eye on the latest AI news, science and technology developments, and we’re back with the third edition of ‘On our radar’. From health-boosting playlists to stealing cars in L.A., these stories piqued our interest.

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Medical imaging AI and the digitalisation of cardiology

Like many other specialities in the field of medicine, cardiology is becoming increasingly digitalised. Consequently, it is also enjoying many of the benefits that AI can bring to the discipline.


On our radar #2

We’ve been keeping an eye on the latest AI news, science and technology developments, and we’re back with our second round-up. From EU regulations and sarcasm detection, to AI outperforming humans when detecting small bone fractures, here’s what’s on our team’s radar.


On our radar

Here at Zegami, we always try to stay up to speed with the latest news, science and technology developments. Whether it’s innovations in machine learning, interesting applications of AI, or breakthroughs in healthcare digitalisation, our team’s on the lookout.


Digital pathology: how medical imaging and AI are revolutionising the field

Technological developments in the field of digital pathology have made it easier to store, view and organise medical images. It’s also easier to engage and collaborate with other professionals, as well as quickly seek second opinions from other clinicians.


Zegami’s Steve Taylor presents at the Medical Imaging Convention Virtual event

Hear from our Chief Scientific Officer, Steve Taylor, as he talks at the Medical Imaging Convention Virtual event about the use of artificial intelligence and medical imaging to understand disease.

Why AI needs to be explainable: Part two

Explainable AI (XAI), is essential in allowing us to understand, communicate and adapt how machine learning models reach their decisions. Part two of our blog explores some of the benefits of XAI and how it can be used by, and benefit, healthcare professionals.


Why AI needs to be explainable: Part one

In a world that relies heavily on information technology, the importance of AI that we can understand, interpret and trust is becoming a necessity. In the first of our two-part blog series, we explore the evolution of AI and the increasing need for explainable AI.

Explainable AI

Car hire accelerates with one in five planning to rent

More than a third renting in the 12 months will be first timers Zegami joint venture with Ebbon Group pioneers


A vision for how the NHS could embrace accountable AI lifecycle management

One of the most crucial developments in AI – and one which has enjoyed exponential growth recently – is its application for the advancement of medical research and predictive analytics. When applied to the analysis of large and complex data sets – for example databases comprising hundreds of thousands of medical images from multiple sources and locations – AI is a very useful assistive tool, supporting with triage and diagnoses that would otherwise require considerable time and expertise from highly experienced clinicians.

Explainable AI