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The recruitment of players and transfer decisions have an enormous impact on outcomes for teams and organisations. As well as traditional scouting, clubs are now devoting increasing resources to statistics and data science when making recruitment decisions. With the vast amounts of data now currently available it can be difficult to make sense of it all, especially when looking at hundreds or thousands of potential recruits.

With Zegami, front office and scouting teams are given an easy and intuitive way to sort through this mass of data, helping them make faster and better-informed decisions during transfer windows and draft cycles and delivers the following benefits:

Zegami Identify Sports Recruits

Faster Identification of Targets

By being able to zoom and filter from thousands of potential recruits to a handful in a matter of seconds, Zegami allows the front office staff to spend their time looking at the most suitable handful of players in depth, rather than sifting through mounds of data.

Detailed Player Information Zegami

Detailed Player Information

By pulling all the information relevant to a player into a single view, users can quickly get the full picture of who they are targeting without needing to switch environments.

Zegami Image Rich Exploration

Image Rich Exploration

When a player is represented by an image they become instantly recognisable. Analyst’s get a faster and much more engaging way to interact with their data.

Sports Data Analytics Make Visual Connections

Visual Connections

With its unique use of images to aid exploration of data, Zegami provides powerful visual cues and pattern recognition. This in turn helps uncover connections that would otherwise remain undiscovered and lost in the noise.

“Previously we were using spreadsheets to communicate our results which was cumbersome to our end users. We put a great deal of work into analysing available talent, and it’s crucial that we’re able to socialise our findings in a way that they can be quickly and understood.”

“Using Zegami we’re able to let our front office team see groups of candidates for each round. They can sort and filter based on key criteria, and can then very quickly drill into all of the relevant detailed information for a particular player. This in turn helps them make the best possible decision”

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