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Zegami for Research and Development

Zegami is a visual search and analytics platform that enables the exploration of large image and data collections in a single aggregated view.

Our platform integrates the latest advancements in machine learning with the human ability to process visuals. allowing for the quick identification of patterns, correlations, outliers and relationships within the data. By exploring and analysing large image rich data sets in this way, fresh insights are uncovered and new discoveries made.

Image Analysis in High Throughput Microscopy

Zegami improves image analysis in high throughput microscopy and provides a view of all images in your data set through one easy to use web interface allowing users to:

  • Identify anomalies in your data set quickly
  • Combine images, categorical and numerical data to allow rapid querying and integration of disparate data
  • Tag interesting images for further analysis or remove poor quality of outliers from your data set
  • Combine with high throughput image analysis to optimise algorithms and your pipeline
  • Use scatterplots and boxplots or your own plugins to allow anyone to analyse their image collections based on extracted image features
  • Quickly collate images using our unique lasso and tag feature to build training sets for machine learning Link and import from your OMERO database
  • Publish your results easily on the web so they can be included as a hyperlinks in journals

“Zegami offers a flexible, rapid and powerful way to visualise, search and classify microscopy data at scales that easily overwhelm a single researcher and are impossible to achieve manually. “

Stephen Taylor - Head of Computational Biology Research Group, The MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine

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