There is no limit to how Zegami can be used:

Zegami is a visual data analysis platform that provides users with a new way of exploring their data. Being a platform, there is no prescribed application and our clients have used Zegami in many different fields.

Most organisations already have good systems for collecting data. Zegami compliments and enhances these systems by presenting an aggregated view of the data that can be sorted, filtered, tagged and refined before being easily shared to a restricted group or published to a global audience.

Academics, business executives, data analysts and researchers are all using Zegami to unlock valuable information, helping them make informed decisions from data that would otherwise have laid dormant.

The use cases continue to grow, here are some handpicked ones to give you a flavour of the platforms broad appeal:

Edinburgh Festival Collection

Edinburgh Festival 2017

This collection provided one dedicated festival goer an easy way to view all events by date, venue and genre. Once he had worked out his itinerary, he was able to click through from the event metadata tab and book his place on the official festival site.

See you there next year…

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Great War Archive Collection

The Great War Archive

Working towards the WW1 Centenary commemorations, Stuart Lee,  Director of the First World War Poetry Digital Archive digitisation project and Great War Archive Initiative, built a collection of stories and memorabilia from the First World War. The collection comprised of contributions made by the public and is a sample of the 6,500 digital items collected between March and June 2008.

Zegami looks forward to a continued involvement with Stuart and a wider project run by Europeana to remember those who fought in the great war.

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Jamie Oliver Recipes

Recipe collection

It’s happened to us all, we are rushed for time and need to prepare a meal for XX people and have very little in the cupboard. Zegami allows you to specify what ingredients you do have and specify that you have 45 minutes to prepare a meal… Et voila you are presented with the options available for you to enjoy.

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Featured Applications

Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics

Providing informed player insights.
Analytics for Research and Development

Research & Development – Microscopy

Offering new ways to discover the unknown.
Analytics for Human Resources


Easy understanding of your workforce.
Image data management for plant sciences

Plant Sciences

Gaining fresh insights and perspectives.
Analytics for Museums

Museums & Libraries

Giving curators the toolset they need.

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