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The Zegami platform is an adaptable tool that can be easily applied across industries and varied applications. Test it to see the potential it has for you and your business.

High throughput image analysis

Explore large image datasets and video to unlock powerful insights from previously unutilised data sources. Drive innovation for scientific research and medical imaging.

Streamlined image annotation for AI

Deliver more accurate and robust machine learning models faster. Automate your data analysis with machine learning models specifically targeted to meet your needs.

Visualise insights with business data

Cleverly use all the data in your business to maximise engagement of your workforce, visualise huge document libraries, prioritise projects and improve scheduling.

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Enabling world-leading researchers to tackle the global challenges of the 21st century.
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Enabling better business decisions and driving data maturity in every sector.

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Blog Post

Colour By Column in Zegami

Our new Colour by Column feature is a powerful new dimension to visual data exploration in Zegami, enabling richer views, which reveal more of the underlying patterns in your data.

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Demo Collection

Cancer Diagnosis

The collection explores image similarity comparison of oesophageal cancer video frames to find cancer lesions to train the ML model

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Medical Image Analysis on the frontline of clinical research

Expenditure on big data analytics generally in healthcare is estimated to see a compound annual growth rate of over 19%

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